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/notes/ My notes
/notes/azfunctions/ Azure functions
/notes/azfunctions/deployment.html Azure functions - Deployment notes
/notes/azfunctions/migrationV3V4.html Upgrading Azure Function from V3 to V4
/notes/azfunctions/misc.html Azure Functions - misc
/notes/azure/ Azure
/notes/azure/appinsights.html Sampling
/notes/azure/appinsightsquery.html Application Insights
/notes/azure/appservice.html App Service
/notes/azure/datalake.html Azure Data Lake Storage gen 2
/notes/azure/functions.html Azure Functions
/notes/azure/loganalyticsquery.html Log Analytics queries
/notes/azure/resources.html Azure Resources
/notes/azure/storageaccount.html Storage Accounts
/notes/azure/vm.html Azure Virtual Machines
/notes/certificates.html X509 Certificates - command line
/notes/cmd.html CMD - Command line
/notes/curl.html CURL
/notes/exe/codesigning.html Code signing with SignTool.exe
/notes/git.html GIT
/notes/google/ Google
/notes/icacls.html icacls
/notes/iis.html IIS
/notes/linux.html Linux
/notes/ntfs.html NTFS
/notes/sql/ SQL Server & c.
/notes/sql/fakedata.html Sql server - Create a table, filled with fake data
/notes/sql/linq_params.html Hack: how to prevent Linq to Entities to use parameters
/notes/sql/localdb.html Sql Server LocalDB
/notes/sql/misc.html sql misc
/notes/sql/sqlazure.html Sql Azure
/notes/visualstudio/ Visual Studio
/notes/wsl2.html WSL2