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Storage Accounts

Diagnostic settings

Activating Diagnostic Settings on a storage account, it is possible to trace every single API call targeting the account. If you choose to send logging data to a storage account, a json log file is created. It contains much information: source ip, request and response size, user-agent, etc. [1] Among them, the hash of authentication “token” used. If the authentication method was the storage account key, it is exactly the SHA256 of the key used. This piece of C# generated the same hash starting from a key as a string, exactly the one you see and copy/paste from the Azure Portal.

string key = "abcd...==";

[1] https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/tables/monitor-table-storage-reference#resource-logs


Carefully consider the different prices of storage account V1 and V2. If you don’t need V2, consider using V1. In particular when you have many transactions. Example below: same application, same number of transactions per day, storage changed from V2 to V1.