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Offical documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/icacls

icacls folderX /grant fooUser:(OI)(CI)F Assign full control to fooUser on folderX
icacls folderX /remove fooUser Remove permissions for fooUser on folderX
icacls folderX /inheritance:e Activate inheritance on folderX
icacls folderX /inheritance:d Deactivate inheritance on folderX. Existing permission are copied.
icacls folderX /reset /t [Very dangerous] Reset all the permissions to inherited only.


Using /T with /grant like icacls folderX /grant fooUser:(OI)(CI)F /T is not the right way to apply the inheritance. The command apply the same permission to all items, traversing all sub-folders. If you want to apply inheritance correctly, activate the inheritance on the folder (normally it is already actve) and apply permission only to top-folder. Then Windows will propagate them to subfolders. This could require seconds or minutes if there are many files and folders. To check if a permission comes as inherited, check the presence of (I) on permissions list.

icacls notes /t

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