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2022-07-17 12:46

Using KeePass as an MFA / 2-step sign-in method with Microsoft consumer accounts

2022-07-17 12:44

Using KeePass as a 2-step sign-in method with Google accounts

2022-07-17 12:33

Using KeePass as TOTP keys storage and OTP generator with Microsoft and Google accounts

2022-06-17 05:06

Using KeePass as MFA sign-in method with Microsoft work-accounts

2022-05-03 04:31

Asp.Net framework and Azure App Servive Authentication

2021-07-21 05:31

Delivering ARPA Piemonte meteo-alert bulletin using Azure services

2020-11-13 12:08

ADLS Gen2 file listing performance tests

2020-06-16 19:45

Some scalability tests on Azure Functions

2020-05-09 07:16

Html redering of a GitHub MD file

2020-05-09 07:08

Simple report using data from Application Insights

2020-04-28 15:26

A tool to quickly update permissions on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 files

2019-01-26 08:20

A mixed approach in using Azure Functions

2017-11-09 18:02

A script for exporting transactionally consistent bacpac from Azure SQL Database

2017-11-07 17:38

Workaround for connecting SSH “source IP” protected VM from Azure Cloud Shell

2017-02-11 15:34

Experiment: how to assign a domain name and activate HTTPS on a Free or Shared Azure web site

2016-11-27 20:32

First tests with SQL Server vNext on Linux and Windows

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